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The six-step process of making high-quality doormats out of coir

29th March 2020
The six-step process of making high-quality doormats out of coir

Coir is a fibrous and tough material and is composed of the outer husk of the coconut. This material may be used to create high-quality logo doormats. But, let’s see how Coir Door Mats are extracted and made into high-quality doormats.

Brown, round coconut is just a small part of the fruit. The fibrous, tough material known as coir comes from its outer husk. However, before the fruit is processed into coir, a thick protective layer surrounding it must be removed. This is how high-quality doormats are extracted from coir:

  1. The coconut is de-husked to separate it from the inner edible seed.
  2. The entire husk is removed and soaked in water for a decent amount of time. This allows the microbes to grow naturally. The softer parts of the fruit feed the microbes, and the raw coir is left at the end. This comprises fibres that are used and a loose material that is referred to as coconut dust. However, coconut dust is discarded because it’s just a filler material, and it isn’t of any use.
  3. This extracted coir then undergoes the beating process within a fast-rotating drum. The fibres are loosened with the repetitive use of metal bars.
  4. Lastly, these loosened fibres are placed in a slow-rotating drum that separates the fibres by length. The small length fibres are not used while making mats. Instead, their use is limited to acting as padding materials. The coir is made through medium-length fibres, and the longest fibres make long-lasting ropes and twines.
  5. To make mats of diversified shapes, designs, and sizes, the coir fibres of appropriate length are collected, assembled, and bundled.
  6. The fibres are then laid into a liquid PVC material to keep the fibres upright until the PVC backing cures and the matting is finally produced.

The coir can be used to make high-quality doormats because the material dos'nt harbor microbial growth and the fibres are enviromentally friendly however due to the PVC backing they need to be disposed of correctly at end of life.

The Coir Logo Matting not just resists the harsh UV rays, but its natural brown and 9 other pre dyed colours offers the ability to create excellent hand inlaid image mats which last the life of the mat.

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