PVC backed coir matting: What is it, and how can you use it to increase social distance awareness?

Every coir matting isn’t the same. While all of them may be made from coconuts, the quality differences in coir matting can still be vast.

Types of coir matting

Commercial grade and luxury coir matting have more fibres per meter than budget grade products. This results in less shedding, more uniform colour, and a denser pile – ultimately, the commercial-grade and luxury products will last longer too. So how do I know which of the three grades of PVC backed coir matting will best fit my purpose? Here’s our brief rundown:

  • Heavy-duty/commercial grade – for commercial use and when only the best will do: Matsdirect only offer this grade of PVC backed heavy-duty commercial grade coir (and) is the highest quality cut to size coir matting on the market. This is the material usually supplied to restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. To keep the colour uniform and give a very firm brushing action, the bristles are packed tightly together. There is minimal (if any) shedding after the initial two weeks. When it comes to ease of wheelchair accessibility, this is also the recommended grade.
  • Superior grade – an ideal choice for home use: The superior PVC backed cut to size coir matting has a uniform colour and a dense surface, giving a smart look. While shedding is quite normal with any type of coir matting, this isn’t true for the superior grade, where it dies down significantly. Indeed, it is a noticeably, superior grade product.
  • Budget grade – select this when the cost is the primary concern: It is a lower cost option than the superior product. It is still effective and removing dirt and has an excellent brushing action. However, it doesn’t have a uniform colour. Plus, it will shed more and won’t last as long as our commercial and superior grades of coir. Nevertheless, it is ideal when the price is the deciding factor.

How to use coir matting to increase social distance awareness?

The measures of social distancing are expected to be required throughout 2020 and 2021. Of course, the workplace will need to adapt to meet this need. Therefore, MatsDirect has developed an array of effective solutions to implementing social distancing measures within your place of work. While essential services continue to operate, we still need to ensure the continuity of business activities, while also making sure that workplace safety is not compromised, enabling your team to focus on their work with (the) utmost confidence. After all, the aim of social distancing is to stop the virus from being spread between people, and the workplace is a high-risk area. However, installing high visibility social distance awareness mats is one of the main ways of making the workplace safer. Yes, social distancing will be key to getting rid of this virus. As a result, MatsDirect has designed some social distancing solutions for quick deployment across the workplace in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Feel free to try these out and be careful.