Logo Mats Create A Great Impression

The saying from the Harvard Study of Communications is that, “You don’t get a second chance to make the first impression on another human being.” When we talk about things that can create a positive first impression of a business, floor mats don't immediately cross our minds. The visitors carry about 80% of dirt, dust, grime and germs coming into your office on their shoes which then transfer to your space. Floor mats clean the soles of these shoes. They take the dust and the grime and retain them, thus saving your indoor carpeting. There are different types of commercial floor mats, of which custom logo mats take the lead. They work as a free advertising board for your business. Learn how:

Brand Presentation

As evident, logo mats are used for advertisement and marketing purposes. This means having your company’s logo printed on the face of the mat in large font size and the appropriate style. It will present your brand boldly which would in effect, influence the potential client’s opinion about your company.

Strategic Placement

Logo mats, when strategically placed, enhance your brand's visibility. To make the strategy a winner, ensure the following:

  • Develop a stunning logo
  • Get your logo printed in colour
  • Hire an excellent quality mat company

Other Promotional Activities

Custom logo mats are not limited to brand promotions; they can also assist you in all kinds of marketing promotions and advertisements. They’re a very convenient way to advertise your company. You could even employ them for a seasonal sale.

Why Invest in Matting Solutions?

Now, why would you choose us for logo floor mats over our competition? Here are several reasons why:

  1. When it comes to our logo floor matting, placing a high-quality logo in the centre of the mat helps make an impression on your guests as they walk through the door.
  2. Our custom floor mats have backing systems that ensures long-term stability on carpeted and hard surfaces.
  3. Our logo mats allow you to create brand awareness by helping you convey your brand personalised messages that can have a significant impact on your prospects.
  4. We have an assortment of floor mats and matting including nylon, polyester, velour and rubber.
  5. We deal in both indoor and outdoor mat products to meet the needs of our clients.
  6. We have available different types and styles of brand mats available that serve varied purposes. These particular mats are used for brand launch events, exhibitions, product promotions, and VIP red carpet events.
  7. We make use of digital technology that can print any design or logo in crisp and brilliant shades.
  8. With 25 years' worth of experience behind us, we can print anything on the carpet with better precision and faster than our competitors.
  9. We are one of the suppliers in the UK who specialises in carpet media such as logo printed mats and mats for branding and marketing errands.

The Final Word

To help make a favorable visual impression on potential clients, or visitors, order custom logo mats. Place them outside your office to attract more traffic. Use these mats to enhance your workplace decor.