Rubber and Noise – How Rubber Can Offer a Helping Hand

Noise pollution is a very real and very serious problem. This surprisingly common problem can lead to a myriad of negative consequences from mild irritation to hearing loss. This unfortunate suffering is preventable and, in this post, we are going to show you some top soundproofing tips so that you can reduce the effects of noise pollution on you and of noise pollution by you.

Causes Of Noise Pollution

Noisy neighbours are one of the biggest causes of noise pollution. When you think of noisy neighbours you probably think of loud music and with good reason. Loud music is a huge part of noise pollution and it's not just other households that are culprits; bars, restaurants, and many other commercial premises can be guilty too. All of the above can also be guilty of noise pollution via building work. From being overzealous with a hammer during some home DIY to building a new conservatory, home renovations can constitute some of the worst noise pollution you may encounter.

Add traffic, the occasional party or summer barbeque and the neighbour's barking dog and you have an extensive list of potential noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can have a huge impact on someone's life. In addition to potential damage to your hearing noise pollution can also cause anxiety for many people. If the noise pollution continues at unreasonable times it can disturb sleep which comes with its own consequences. It is difficult to productively go about your day when sleep-deprived and prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to other medical concerns. Those with young children, especially babies, may find noise pollution particularly frustrating if the same sleep deprivation inhibits their child's ability to sleep too.

Solution to Noise Pollution

Don't despair however, there are several ways you can combat noise pollution and make sure you're not that "noisy neighbour" every time you vacuum or sing along to your favourite hits. Interrupting pesky sound waves before they hit your ears can seem like a challenge. After all, if you can hear your neighbour playing music through a wall what could you possibly put between you and them that could stop the noise pollution? There are a lot of soundproofing options. Rubber sheeting for your walls can absorb the sound for instance. And it is not just your walls, rubber flooring and matting is great for completing our soundproofing efforts. The effects of rubber matting for soundproofing are best seen by placing it under loud appliances such as washing machines. By absorbing the vibrations, you can reduce the sound – if you live in flats with someone living below you you'll likely be doing them a huge favour too.

Noise pollution is a serious problem which comes in many different forms. It is not exclusive to just your neighbour's but can be commercial too. You may also be unknowingly participating in noise pollution. However hopefully with this post, we have shown you how rubber can help you reduce noise pollution and prevent the negative effects that come with it such as hearing loss and sleep deprivation.