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Most Common Workplace Accidents (And How To Prevent Them)

24th March 2020

Employers have a duty of care for their employees. Workers also have a vested interest in taking care of themselves in the workplace. Despite this many workplace injuries still occur. Of course, no one sets off to work with the plan of being injured that day so clearly, something is going wrong. We can't stop all workplace injuries (as much as we would like to). We can, however, help prevent some by sharing education around the common workplace accidents (so you know what to look out for) and the respective preventive measures (so you know how mitigate them). From anti-fatigue and anti-static to rubber-matting to proper training there are plenty of ways to reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

Slips and Trips

The Problem: It is probably unsurprising that slips and trips make up one of the most common workplace accidents. Slips and trips can occur in almost any workplace, and easily if certain things are overlooked. Whether in a kitchen or an office block, workplace slip and trip hazards constantly crop up. From wrinkled carpets to obstructed views trips hazards are a constant threat, whilst everything from spills to rainwater traipsed in from outside pose a potential slip hazard.

The Solution: There are a few ways to reduce the risk of slips and trips in the workplace. Firstly, good housekeeping; staying on top of cleaning mopping up spills and removing obstructions will go far in reducing slip and trip accidents in the workplace. Secondly, walk surfaces are fundamental in solving this issue. Anti-slip matting as the name suggests will reduce slipping accidents and so too will a good entrance matting system as it will wick away the moisture from the souls of people's shoes.

Repetitive Stress and Overexertion

The Problem: Whilst more subtle than a big fall or slip, repetitive stress and overexertion in the workplace can be costly for businesses. They come in many forms and can cause injuries that not only reduce employee's moods and productivity but will also increase injury-related absence. Back pain, muscle strains, and joint pains among other injuries resulting from heavy lifting, lifting things improperly and unsupportive flooring and more is a serious issue.

The Solution: Having procedures in place to prevent people from individually lifting heavy loads is a great place to start. Training people in correct technique for lifting will also reduce injuries. For repetitive stress injuries installing anti-fatigue matting can be very useful. Common in a range of workplaces such as kitchens and other places employees are on their feet a lot, anti-fatigue mats encourage smaller movements improving blood flow and reducing pains and aches.


The Problem: Whether you work in a factory or operate farm or construction machinery there is a potential risk of an accident. Being struck by or caught in machinery is a real risk in many workplaces, especially where there is a lack of training or systems in place. The results of a machinery accident are extreme and can range from cuts to crushed bones and severed limbs. Understandably there is a high demand for solutions reducing the risk of such accidents.

The Solution: Firstly, all people that will be operating machinery need full and correct training. Reducing human error will, in turn, reduce the risk of an accident. To better protect employees protective clothing is essential. Maintenance of machinery is also fundamental to preventing these costly accidents.

Many potential risks cause workplace accidents. The injuries sustained vary, ranging from aches and pains which can lower productivity and morale as well as increase sick days to extreme accidents resulting in major injuries. All require that the correct precautions are put in place to reduce the number of injuries within the workplace.



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