Anti-Static Mats and ESD Mats

Anti-Static Mats

Do your employees work with electronic components and materials on a daily basis? One thing you should be aware of is the static build-up that can occur and that is why we recommend the installation of anti-static mats. Anti-static flooring helps to protect your employees and workers from minor shocks, making them an important part of your companies' health and safety. They can reduce the risk of sparks occurring that could turn into larger fires and cause severe damage to your company. Our anti-static mat may also include anti-fatigue properties, ensuring that your staff members that spend long periods standing are comfortable whilst working.

Our range of anti-static mats and flooring comply with EOS/ESD-S4 regulations and our ESD mats for benches comply with IEC 61349-5-1. Tp. Meaning that you can rest assured that your products will meet regulation guidelines in terms of safety and we can help to advise on this if necessary.

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How Does An Anti-Static Mat Work

Surestat Benchtop Anti-Static Matting (MD211)

Benchtop Anti-Static Matting

These Benchtop anti-static mats are double/triple layer static ESD rubber rolls & custom cut mats with FREE studs. ESD Mats like this one prevent minor shocks whilst working with electronic components and materials that create static build-up, and supplied with or without FREE studs.

The 2mm thick static dissipative matting has high aesthetic qualities combined with excellent heat/chemical resistance. The characteristics include - dissipative surface resistivity, static decay rate complying with accepted standards, durable and flexible with excellent lay-flat properties.

The surface resistance and resistance to the ground are 5 x 10∧6 - 5 x 10∧8 Standard IEC 61340-5-1.

The charge decay time is: FTM 101C No: 4046 (5000v - 500v) <0.009 sec Blue, Grey or Green. PPE, plugs, cable, stud guns & studs are also available.

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Surestat Cushion Anti-Static Matting (MD825)

Cushion Anti-Static Matting

Cushion anti-static matting is ESD static-safe floor grounding PVC foam matting available in rolls & mats. It is tested to comply with EOS/ESD-EOS/OSD-S4 regulations to protect workers and components from static electrical transfer shock - with excellent anti-fatigue properties and bevel edges to 2 sides to reduce trips.

This is an ideal anti-static mat product for use in production areas where a static electrical transfer could be an issue.

Available in 18.3M rolls x 91cm at 12mm thick. Custom cut mats are also available.

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Surestat Protek Anti-Static Mats (MD513)

Protek Anti-Static Mats

Protek anti-static mats are ergonomic all rubber mats which have the anti-static property but are also exemplary anti-fatigue mats, so are the perfect solution when working with electronic equipment at benches or workstations.

Available in single mats 135cm x 100cm x 16mm but also can be supplied in puzzle cut format to cover larger areas.

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Surestat Anti-Static Interlocking PVC Tiles (MD215)

Anti-Static Interlocking PVC Tiles

Anti-static interlocking PVC tiles are ESD tested floor tiles with a high-quality PVC soft feel. The compounds used in these ESD mats comply with IEC 61340-5-1 for the life of the product.

These ESD tiles are made to be used in areas where electronic components are being made or assembled, or sensitive areas where static would be a hazard to safe working practices. A full range of tapes and earthing kits are also available.

They are available in 50cm x 50cm at 7mm thick in colour grey. A printed yellow anti-static symbol tile is also available.

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