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Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mats for floors are primarily used for relieving body aches and pains through long standing operations in kitchens manufacturing packing ect. Anti fatigue mats can be manufactured in both Rubber or PVC and are available in standard & bespoke sizes.

Suretred PVC Chequer Top Anti-fatigue Matting

A heavy density foam base & solid PVC chequer plate patterned top Anti-fatigue matting roll.

Black with Yellow safety edges this matting is ideal in industrial and commercial environments where long standing operations are being carried out.

Giving excellent anti-fatigue properties to relieve tiredness and aches in the body due to the cushioning layer and a very hard wearing anti-slip top surface to maintain the sponges durability

Available in 91cm width rolls 18Mtrs in length.

Can be custom cut to size.

Suretred Soft Tred Cushion Anti Fatigue Matting

Excellent Anti-fatigue PVC sponge cushion matting.

Ideal for reducing foot fatigue in long standing operations and against cold floor fatigue. only suitable for dry floor conditions.

Very comfortable and hard wearing perfect in packaging environments

Available in 91cm widths and 18.3Mtr lengths in Black with Yellow bevel safety edges along the length of the roll.

Can be custom cut to your requirements.

Suretred All Rubber Finger Tip Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

High quality natural Rubber floor mat with thousands of tough flexible Rubber fingers

The fingers brush clean feet and collect dust, debris and moisture and trap it in the base of the door mat.

Finger tip Rubber mats are also used as an anti-fatigue stand-alone mat.

Integrally moulded bevelled safety edging as standard allowing excellent non-trip properties.

Ideal for an outside door mat as it is completely weather proof.

Easy clean by shaking. Available in 3 sizes 60cm X 1Mtr, 90cm X 150cm and 90cm X 180cm all at 14mm thicknesses.

Suretred Drainage Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

The popular drainage free standing anti-fatigue work station mat

With a multidirectional anti-slip surface pattern being ideal for traffic from any direction.

With holes and a bevel edge to all 4 sides thes drainage mats can used in many locations which need anti-fatigue and anti- slip properties in 1 mat

Perfect where constant water or any liquid is present to maintain a safe working environment.

Available in 2 standard sizes in general purpose Black and kitchen oil & grease resistant Red.

Guardian Nitrile Rubber Interior/Exterior Barrier Floor Mat

Guardian Solid Nitrile Rubber barrier door mats are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Non-slip surefooted and safe in all weather conditions and requiring little maintenance a real cost effective alternative to other barrier mats.

With both anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties is idea in both dry and wet areas

Fully oil and grease resistant durable with exceptional lay flat qualities has an army of uses.

Available in 4 standard sizes and with an option of a drainage option a true all round mat product