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Sports Matting, Gymnastics Mats, MMA Tiles, Foldable Crash Mats

Track & Field Mats, Roll Out Floor Mats, Safety Wall Crash Matting, Weights Areas

A full range of Sports Matting Gymnastics Mats Exercise Re-hab Foldable Crash Mats including roll out matting weights area tiles and safety wall crash mats. These products are for use in a range of sporting activities from exercises to high jumps landing mats and Track & field activities.

Rehabilitation floor mats and personal safety matting including wall matting, Weights sections and general flooring areas in gyms.

MD6000 Tatami Martial arts mats

MD6000 Tatami Martial Arts Mats

Tatami MMA interlocking tiles for use in Judo, Ju-jitsu & Aikido. 180, 220 & 240Kg/ M3 These mats are made for people who are looking for quality martial arts mats to use in the higher demanding exercise regimes of the various forms.

Datasheets Available for MD6000 Tatami MMA Floor mats:

MD6000 Tatami MMA Martial Arts Mats

MD6001 Crash & Gym Floor Mats

MD6001 Crash & Gym Floor Mats

There are many types of Gym floor mats with all kinds of finishes and thicknesses for various Gymnasium activities. The 50mm & 60mm thickness has R 80 foam inside and is available in Poroflex or PVC finish and an anti-slip design on reverse to prevent movement whilst in use.

Datasheets Available for MD6001 Gymnastics/Crash Mats:

MD6001 Gymnastics & Crash mats

MD6002 Lightweight Exercise Mats

MD6002 Lightweight Exercise Mats

These sports mats are made for people who just need to do minimal exercises and require a light weight product that is easy to move around and yet still has good parameters.

Datasheets Available for MD6002 Light weight exercise tumbling Matting:

MD6002 Lightweight Exercise Mats

MD6003 Track & Field Professional Mats

MD6003 Track & Field Professional Mats

These mats are made for people who are looking for mats to use in a higher demanding exercise sports regime like high jump ect.

Datasheets Available for MD6003 Heavy Duty track & Field Mats:

MD6003 Track & Field Professional Mats

MD6004 Foldable Re-Hab Matting

MD6004 Foldable Re-Hab Matting

Foldable general purpose exercise crash mats. These mats are either Poroflex or soft touch PVC covered. Being foldable these mats can be stored in a small space easily and are reasonably light.

Datasheets Available MD6004 Foldable Re-hab floor mats:

MD6004 Foldable Re-Hab Matting